The Germans named the top 8 all-season tires.


One of the brightest representatives on the Russian market among automotive rubber is KAMA-234. In addition to the low price, about 2 - 2.5 thousand rubles , this tire has quite good performance both in summer and in winter. In case of moderate frost, it does not tan, the protector does not wear out quickly, it is quite possible to travel on such tires for
several years, without fear for your own safety on the road.

However, really reliable and high-quality tires are much more expensive and are produced so far only abroad. It was about such tires that the German magazine AutoBild wrote, which tested 25 Best all-season tires . and selected among them the top 8 best tires based on the results of tests performed.

1st place : Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 (94V)

Strengths: the winner of the test, has the best driving qualities in all weather conditions, showed very well on snow, a dynamic model in wet conditions, low rolling resistance, high ride comfort

Weaknesses: average mileage wear

2nd place: Michelin CrossClimate + (94 V)

Strengths: comprehensively developed tires with balanced performance, good winter performance, high steering accuracy and dynamics on dry roads, the shortest stopping distance on wet and dry roads.

Weaknesses: lack of control in the snow


3rd place : Continental AllSeasonContact (94 V)

Strengths: a new all-season tread with good handling characteristics on a snowy and wet road, stable on a dry road, very good braking in all weather conditions, showed high fuel efficiency and low rolling resistance

Weaknesses: smoothness, fuel efficiency, high price.

4th place: Kleber Quadraxer 2 (94 V)

Strengths: all-season tires with the best winter qualities, stable on both wet and dry tracks, safe aquaplaning characteristics, pleasant ride comfort, best price-performance ratio

Weaknesses: the average level of grip on wet and dry roads.

5th place: BF Goodrich g-Grip All Season 2 (94V)

Strengths: all-season tires with good performance on snow, safe handling on snow and rain, good aquaplaning properties, excellent durability

Weaknesses: medium level of adhesion on wet and dry surfaces.

6th place: Nexen N'BLUE 4Season . (94 V)

Strengths: cheap tires with reliable handling characteristics on a snowy and wet track, short stopping distance on a snowy road, pleasant for a quiet ride

Weaknesses: insufficient feedback on taxiing on a dry road, limited mileage, the average profitability of the purchase.

7th place: Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason (91 V)

Strengths: safe when used on snow, good traction conditions and stable cornering on snow, good braking on a wet track, comfortable when driving

Weaknesses: unsatisfactory cornering and slow reaction on a wet surface, high wear.

8th place: Vredestein Quatrac 5 (91 V)

Strengths: balanced handling on wet and dry surfaces, short stopping distance on wet surfaces, high operating comfort, good value for money

Weaknesses: poor tire in winter, poor handling on a snowy road, high risk of aquaplaning.