The Innocent

Time travel is great! Or so you thought, until you landed in a strange new world, with a dark, broken, damaged, dangerous, adult version of yourself. Not what you had wanted to become. Question is, what are you going to do about it?

Hero Name:
Real Name:

• Ambiguous, Man, Shifting, Transgressing, Woman
• Asian or South Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, White
• Smooth-skinned face, chipper face, hopeful face, bright face, handsome face
• Old-fashioned clothing, haphazard clothing, well-tailored clothing, safe clothing
• Outdated costume, reflective costume, simplistic costume, gaudy costume, unique costume

Time Period
You traveled from the past to the present. Choose the era you’re from:
❑ the ‘40’s–’50’s: the Gold Generation
❑ the ‘60’s–’70’s: the Silver Generation
❑ the ‘80’s–’90’s: the Bronze Generation

You and your future self have the same core ability, though your future self is better with it. Choose one:
❑ energy projection
❑ shapeshifting
❑ telepathy
❑ elemental control
❑ super-speed
❑ sound control

(at character creation, add +1 wherever you choose)
Danger -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Freak -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Savior -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Superior -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Mundane -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3

• Who or what brought you to the present?
• When did you first meet your future self?
• How is your future self the embodiment of a future you never wanted?
• What is your favorite part of life in the future? Your least favorite part?
• Why are you determined to stay in the present with this team?

Once you've finished your backstory, introduce your character to the other players, and then determine what happened when your team first came together, the relationships between you and your teammates, and who has influence over you.

When our team first came together…
My future self was involved, and I tried to stop them. It took the rest of the team to help me succeed. How did we stymie my future self ’s plans?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is helping me understand this weirdo future. I follow their lead.
I saved someone important to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _; they’re now my biggest defender.

These people are your guides, your friends, and the ones helping you find a better way. But you are careful about whose guidance you follow. Give Influence over you to two teammates.

Innocent Moves
(Choose two)

❑ Making amends:
When you make yourself vulnerable while comforting or supporting someone you (or your future self) has fought or hurt, take +2 to the roll. If you miss or they refuse to open up, mark a condition and take a powerful blow.

❑ Growing into power:
When you unleash your powers to do something your future self can do, mark a condition to roll + Savior instead of + Freak.

❑ See it their way:
When you reject someone’s Influence when they equate you with your future self, roll + Savior instead of + nothing. When you accept someone’s Influence when they equate you with your future self, mark potential.

❑ What’s this thing?:
When you ask for someone else’s guidance on the modern world, they must tell you what they think you should do or how you should act. If you act that way, clear a condition and shift Mundane up and any other Label down. If you act that way and it goes poorly, mark potential.

❑ White knight:
When you give a speech on morality and heroism, you can provoke someone with Savior instead of Superior.

❑ Martyr:
When you take a powerful blow while defending someone or something, you may shift Savior up and any other Label down.

Your Future Self
Your future self is out there, an important figure in Halcyon City and the world beyond—and everything you’d hoped you’d never be. But finding out how they became who they are may be all it takes to push you along a similar path. Pick one step of your future self’s path that you already know about, and circle it.

• They lost someone they cared about deeply
• They failed horrifically in a noble pursuit or cause
• They committed a major crime
• They betrayed a close friend or ally
• They won a victory at enormous cost to the world around them
• They killed someone
• They publicly battled another hero
• They injured an innocent

When you learn of another step of your future self ’s path, circle it. You can have at most 5 steps circled. When you undergo an experience that echoes one of the above (your call), strike it out. When you strike out a circled step, or circle a struck out step, choose one of the following:

❑ Replace comfort or support with the following: When you coldly dismiss someone, roll + Mundane. On a hit, they mark a condition or leave you alone, their choice. On a 7-9, they can also choose to inflict a condition on you.
❑ Replace defend someone with the following: When you aggressively defend a large group or area, roll + Savior. On a hit, you create an opportunity for yourself to press the attack, and take +1 forward to pursue it. On a 10+, the collateral damage is minimal.
❑ Replace provoke someone with the following: When you threaten someone, say what you want them to do and roll + Superior. On a hit, they either do it or they are put at a significant disadvantage against you, their choice. On a 10+, either way they mark a condition, your choice.
❑ Replace reject someone’s Influence with the following: When you spit in the face of guidance or Influence, roll + 2. On a hit, take away their Influence over you or clear a condition, your choice. On a 7-9, you both take a powerful blow from the intensity of your words.
❑ Become an NPC antagonist—your path is irreconcilably set along the same course that your future self followed.

Moment of Truth
You’ve fought, struggled, and worked so hard to figure out who you are, whether you’re just the same as your future self or whether you’re different…but right now, that’s all out the window. The distinction between your future self and your present self vanishes in the face of the trial before you, and you become exactly the powerful, adamant figure that everyone fears or hopes you will one day become. You can do exactly what your future self could do, and everyone around you sees them in you more clearly than ever. Of course, after this it’s going to be hard to treat you as two different people…

Team Moves
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask whether they think your future self could’ve won this victory. If they do, mark potential and the GM shifts your Labels. If they do not, clear a condition and they shift your Labels. When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them if they think you could turn into your future self. If they do, mark potential and the GM shifts your Labels. If they do not, clear a condition and they shift your Labels.

POTENTIAL ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑
Every time you roll a miss on a move, mark potential.

When you fill your potential track, you advance. Choose from the list below.

❑ Take another move from your playbook
❑ Take another move from your playbook
❑ Take a move from another playbook
❑ Take a move from another playbook
❑ Someone permanently loses influence over you, add +1 to a Label
❑ Rearrange your Labels as you choose, and add +1 to a Label
❑ Unlock your Moment of Truth
❑ Choose a mentor for yourself (from the Protege's playbook)

When you've taken five advances from the top list, you can take advances from the list below.

❑ Unlock your Moment of Truth after it's been used once
❑ Change playbooks
❑ Take an adult move
❑ Take an adult move
❑ Lock a Label, and add +1 to a Label of your choice
❑ Go back to your own time or become a paragon of the city

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